Totems of the Dead Cover Image Detail Amethyst Evolutions Cover Image. Female elf walking upon a destroyed mech, encounters a few marauding boggs who don't want to give it up so easily. Large illustration featuring the playable races from the world of Amethyst. Each character representing their race also exhibits a bit of their races' personality. Totems of the Dead Logo Totems of the Dead Logo Kodiak and Pagus, two of the most volatile characters in the Amethyst setting. A different take on the account of the three wise men from afar. Genai is the opening chapter that explains how the Amethyst world came into being as well as the name of one of the main bastions for the human race.
The Dhampare aren't the pretty, sparkly vampires so popular today. Sweet is a story about an unusual beekeeper and her bees. The Long Way Home shows that it isn't impossible to go home, you just may not want to. Write What You Want is a story about a magic shop with a magic candle that grants your wishes...well, most wishes. A story about a marriage that has gone horribly awry. War of the Roses has nothing on these two.      



This is a version of the Battle School from the Ender's universe that I worked very closely with the author to make like he originally envisioned it. This is the cover for the conclusion of the Shadows series in the Ender's Game universe. This illustration for this cover was done twice. The first image is also on this page and is done in a more realistic style. The client decided that they wanted a more graphic novel look for this book so they commissioned a second illustration. I won the 2011 Chesley Award for best Magazine Cover Illustration with this image. This was also the illustration that kicked off Orson Scott Card's Intergalactic Medicine Show site's new format. This was a very fun illustration to work on. I did several concept sketches for this one and was tempted to finish several because they just looked like so much fun to work on. In the end, time constraints won out and I only finished this one. Brutal Interlude is a great comentary on reality tv. Ultramodern 4 is a very cool genre (or mash of genres). This is one of the most fun illustrations I've worked on for Dias Ex Machina.
This is a project I worked on in colaboration with another illustrator, M. Wayne Miller. A really good friend as well as an excellent illustrator. For Lenor by Kenneth Kao These are images done for the futuristic game, NeuroSpasta. This project was also done with my good friend, M. Wayne Miller. Interior illustrations from Amethyst Evolutions. NeuroSpasta Cover Floating Cincinatus Floating Cincinatus Floating Cincinatus


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